Cameron + reading

It is rare to hear Cameron talk about the fact that she loves to read, entirely so and almost all-encompassing when she does get a few minutes alone to be able to. Though, she’s not going to deny that she does a fair amount of it with her psychology practice and certainly when she’s going over cases that she’s worked with for the Bureau.

What really spikes her interest, however, is the ability to sit down and just escape from the rest of the world for a little bit. She prefers it, actually. It means that things are just a little simple and that the world is falling apart from underneath her feet by any point of imagination of her life. It makes her want to believe that there can be something happy and good in the world, despite what everything else is screaming at her on a regular basis. Books, simply, are a damn good escape from everything else that’s going wrong.

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sentence meme [grey’s anatomy, part 1]


  • "I hate being drunk."
  • "You are the best thing that’s ever been mine."
  • "You ungrateful crapdog!"
  • "It’s not childish to hold on to hope."
  • "I am not finished."
  • "I wanna be around 40 years from now."
  • "Dude, run away before I find a brick."
  • "I get to decide when I’ve had enough."
  • "I’m not interested in dying."
  • "Your heart lives in your vagina."
  • "You’re a freak and I hate you."
  • "Why didn’t you try harder?"
  • "I like penis. I mean, I’m a huge, huge fan of penis."
  • "You son of a bitch."
  • "I’m busy holding myself together with tape and glue."
  • "You just brought a knife into a gun fight."
  • "I ate a lot of donuts."
  • "I love you. I freakin’ love you."
  • "You don’t get to call me a whore."
  • "We can be dull and lifeless together."
  • "I’m gonna hug you."
  • "Maybe it hurts for a reason."
  • "I’m never good enough, no matter what I say or do."
  • "Are you here for me?"
  • "Men don’t discriminate when it comes to jugs."
  • "I’ll give you ten bucks to stab me in the face right now."
  • "Pick me, choose me, love me."
  • "Go sit by someone who cares."
  • "I make no apologies for how I chose to repair what you broke."
  • "You’re my family. You’re all I’ve got."
  • "You love me more than anybody has in a very long time."
  • "Proving once again that no good can become from a thong."
  • "You’re poking a bear. A very horny bear."
  • "I need a reason to get up in the morning."
  • "Somebody sedate me!"
  • "Jerkface."
  • "Sometimes I’m a bitch for no good reason at all."
  • "Nothing says good morning like shower sex."
  • "Since when has the possession of ovaries become an insult?"
  • "Actually I prefer to be called Ruler of All Evil, but I will answer to Satan."
  • "We’re gonna survive this, right?"
  • "I’m laughing, just not externally."
  • "I think you’re beautiful."
  • "You can do this."
  • "You wanna know what happened to me? You, you happened to me."
  • "I’m your person. I am on your side."
  • "I don’t have time to fall apart."
  • "I’m gonna eat all of these muffins, and I’m gonna get really, gloriously fat."
  • "If you want me to respect you, you have to do something worth respecting."
  • "Don’t be a weenie!"
  • "Don’t you dare come to me for forgiveness, you traitorous bitch."
  • "No freaking way."
  • "I think I might’ve died for a second."
  • "Back off, Scrooge McDuck."
  • "I seem to be a little bit drunk."
  • "You hush! No one’s interested in your life."
  • "You better start to be freaking nice to me."
  • "This isn’t easy for me."
  • "I am not doing what you think I’m doing."
  • "If there’s no food I’m going home."

Text to Theo

  • Cameron: Hey... had a couple seconds and thought that I would see how you're doing.

Text to Lydia Fairchild

  • Lydia: I'm trying. He's got a few different addresses that he uses on legal documents, but so far all of them have turned out to be private residential places. I've sent a couple of agents out to see if he is at any one of them, but beyond that there's not a lot we can do. I'm trying to see if he has any business partners that would know where he is. I'll keep you posted.
  • Cameron: Thanks kid, I owe you one. And a pair a kickass shoes on my tab.

Text to Lydia Fairchild

  • Cameron: Hey Lyd, just wanted to check in. Did you find a location on Denali yet? We're getting into crunch time and no calls have come in from the kidnappers.

And Hell Followed \ September 14, 2014 / Ali, Cameron, and NPCs


Ali wasn’t quite sure how long they’d been in the dank basement, or how much longer they’d be trapped there before they were either rescued or the guy killed them. She didn’t want to think about the fact that it was quite possible that he would end up killing them both, but it was hard not to. He’d been having his fun with Chrissy for a while now, while Ali lay on the hard floor in a daze. He’d punched her hard enough to give her a concussion, of that much she was sure, and she hadn’t had the physical ability to get up and attempt another escape. She’d already tried crawling to the stairs, even made it halfway up before the bastard grabbed her by the ankle and dragged her back down to what had somehow been designated her spot on the floor. She just wanted this whole thing to end, and the worst part was that she knew it wouldn’t end before he did to her exactly what he’d been doing to her colleague.

Chrissy was a mess, which was to be expected, her scrubs in tatters on the floor and blood and bruises covering her body. He’d beaten her up something terrible before he’d actually sexually assaulted her and Ali had been forced to watch and listen to the whole ordeal. If she made it out of here, she’d be scarred for life…if she made it out of here. The whole time, she’d tried her best to be strong, but her mind kept wandering to how Wade was going to handle hearing about what this monster had done to her before killing her. She had found tears running down her face as she thought of how hard this would affect the man she’d come to love; and then more tears escaped as she realized she’d never gotten the chance to tell him that she loved him. Life was full of regrets, and all of Ali’s had been racing through her mind for the better part of her time on the cement floor. Now, Ali found that she prayed more for it all to end then for rescue; she wanted it to be over, she didn’t much care how.

To say that the weekend had been more stressful than anything she had been involved in as of late was an understatement, and given that her stress threshold was relatively high… Cameron wasn’t going to deny that this was worrisome. Her home office had settled into a command center that she was frequently shoving Wade out of and Lydia was in and out going back and forth between her home and the bureau trying to get more information. For the most part, though, there was only so much assistance that the Bureau was able to offer before their hands were tied.

As private citizens though… there was a certain amount of information that was available to their hands to work with, and she was certainly thankful for this. The file on her desk, though, didn’t exactly reassure her that this was going to come out with a good outcome. There was little to no details that had been pulled in regards to the man that they had been able to identify as Harold Denali, but what little there was pulled had caused the hair on the back of her neck to stand on end. This was something that she didn’t want to have Taryn walk into the middle of and see, shutting the file before pulling out her phone and sending Lydia a quick text to see if there had been any updates on the leads that she had been tracking.

Text to Cameron Hadley

  • Wade: Yeah, I mean kidnapped. Some bastard pulled up in a van and tased her and a nurse.
  • Wade: Then he took them god knows where to do god knows what.
  • Cameron: Callies, we'll figure it out, okay? We'll do our best to get her back.

Text to Cameron Hadley

  • Wade: It’s Ali…she’s been taken.
  • Wade: I may have gotten the hospital to show me their footage from the parking garage last night.
  • Wade: Can you meet me in your office?
  • Cam: Taken? Wade, if you're meaning kidnapped...?
  • Cam: Give me ten minutes and I will be there, let me call Lydia and see if she can pull anything from the footage and we'll take it from there, okay?

Text to Cameron Hadley

  • Wade: Did you get my messages?
  • Wade: I'm really freaking out right now.
  • Wade: Cameron.
  • Wade: I'm going to beat your door down soon.
  • Cam: I was at work, you would have terrified Taryn though.
  • Cam: What happened? Where can I meet you?
Voicemail left Saturday morning: "Cameron Hadley. Seriously? Call me back. I know you were in the building when the bomb went off, I know you're in pain still, but could you please for the love of god call me back??"

I’ve been at work, sorry babe, what’s going on?? I’m not in pain, I’m pissed and tire.