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[text]: What the hell are you saying?
[text]: Does that mean you aren’t coming back?
[text]: Oops, I brought spandex instead of leather. 
[text]: Come on if you’re coming. 
[text]: Are we going to do this or what?
[text]: Tell me how often have you had sex dreams about me?
[text]: Don’t get too comfortable.
[text]: S.O.S.
[text]: Do you have to text me at three in the morning?
[text]: Shouldn’t you be sleeping?
[text]: Is that you’re way of saying you miss me?
[text]: Is there something I should know?
[text]: Party. My house. Tonight. Bring Alcohol.
[text]: Is that suppose to be a threat?
[text]: Haha, no. I’m not giving it back.
[text]: Time for someone to go grocery shopping.
[text]: I’m not going with you to see that.
[text]: Send me another picture like that and see what happens.
[text]: Is teasing me the only purpose of this conversation?
[text]: Soo..does that mean you feel the same way?
[text]: Just admit missed me.
[text]: I was hoping you would go with me.
[text]: You’re dead meat.
[text]: How do you feel about a threesome? 
[text]: Maybe I just feel like spending my night with you.
[text]: We are not going there.

October 12, 2014: Spencer Reid and Cameron Hadley - Of Sweet and of Coffee

Cameron wasn’t going to necessarily say that she wasn’t sure how it was that the Bureau was going through constant changes these days, the fact was that every time they seemed to settle they would go through and change something else. She respected the need to make people uncomfortable and make them feel the need and desire to push themselves, but everything that had happened the past two years? It was a recipe for disaster and that was putting it lightly.

This was a job that she had walked into and loved, absolutely adored and wanted to do day in and day out. She had hated the time off that she had not even a year ago and the majority of the time she just adored the fact that she had a pager on her hip and the flexibility of walking in and out of meetings because her work was her life, her work was what she lived and breathed for. 

After the kidnapping of Alison Reaser, however, everything had shifted in her thinking, her frustration just seemed to be more and more frequent these days and her irritation that when Taryn called she couldn’t always feasibly pick up the phone was growing on a regular basis. While she didn’t desire to go into a private practice for her psychology license, that didn’t mean that she wasn’t aware of the fact that there were other options that she could do in the private sector if she wanted to. 

Someone entering the break room broke her from her thoughts, looking up with the half filled cup of coffee in her hand and the other holding the pot before recognizing Spencer Reid standing there. “Here for sustenance of just escaping for a few minutes?” she asked, holding up the pot of coffee for a second and mock greeting him with it and letting out a small smile before pouring the rest of her cup. 

"There is a whole lot of sugar in that cup, Doc," she said, her eyebrows raised and looking over at him for a few seconds before back at the liquid that was sloshing around in the coffee pot, her own cup now full as well before letting her hip rest up against the counter. "I’m surprise that I’m seeing you around the office as much as I am these days, though it’s nice."

October 8, 2014: Cameron Hadley and James Young - Of Black, of White, and of a Whole Lot of Grey


Everything had been going smoothly in the HR department since he’d been there. Occasionally they had some moments of chaos, but thankfully, it had gone well the past couple of weeks. Yet for some reason, today he knew that wouldn’t be the case. 

The file was deposited on his desk with ‘High Priority’ written in red ink on the vanilla envelope. It wasn’t a case he normally dealt with, he noticed as he read through the file. He usually dealt with harassment cases and the like, this one was new to him, but he did know the proper procedures for this type of situation. It wasn’t often an agent would see a case of evidence tampering, the Bureau tended to higher people who wouldn’t even try to mess with that type of thing considering how much trouble a person could get in because of the fact that it was the Bureau. 

Noticing the name ‘Cameron Hadley’ among the names investigating the case, he decided he should probably go speak to her after he had a handle on what exactly he was supposed to looking into. Making a list of names he needed to interview and also talk to about video tapes in the evidence room before he was looking up which office to find Ms. Hadley in, he grabbed said list and made his way to the elevator. 

Once on the floor, he adjusted his tie and checked his watch, hopefully she was available to speak to him at the moment, if not he’d leave a note. When he saw the door open, he knocked, standing directly in the opening. “Agent Hadley?” He questioned, even if her name was printed in black on the plaque on her door, one could never be to sure with the FBI. 

“Doctor,” she corrected almost instinctively, barely even flicking her eyes up to look and see who it was that ventured into the office before her focus was back on the file, her brain taking a few more minutes to catch up to the fact that there was someone that was in the room. Her focus now was on the man that was standing in her doorway, pushing the file away from her and standing up. “Sorry, ignore that, seems to be a reflect these days. How can I help you?”

She didn’t recognize the man that was standing in her doorway, though that shouldn’t have been surprising given the fact that her world seemed to be growing smaller and smaller with every case that began to land on her table and the people that she recognized always seemed to be of a certain kind of circle. 

Her case load wasn’t entirely stereotypical to say the least, and she wasn’t sure what it was that seemed to draw the strange cases to her desk or if it was the fact that she had uniquely flexible hours and the fact that reviewing things may be what she is best suited for no matter the circumstances. This time of day the offices were beginning to clear out and agents that didn’t have an active case were starting to go home and enjoy their families while they still had some sort of a chance to do so.

The case that had been in front of her, though, was not going to be something that was quick and easy by any stretch of the imagination, it wasn’t something that Cameron was going to be able to look at and have a meeting and then finally close it. This was something that was bound to be messy and full of contradictions in ways that the Bureau seemed to specialize in as of late. After all, the cases that involved tampering of evidence were few and far between because of the caliber of agents that were hired, but not unheard of. It was just bound to be incredibly sticky.



…it did?

care Taryn. I’m going to worry about you.



…okay. I understand. But I’m…fine. 

I know, but you might not have been, and that scared me.



…I get it. I just…I needed to get out, for a little bit. Alone. -pauses- It’s not like I want to run away or anything, though. Just needed some time to…think about stuff. 

Do you understand what kind of risk you really took though? Because the kind of things that my job shows me, Taryn, you can’t just walk around without someone with you. -shakes her head- Go on the roof, lock yourself in the library, or just stick a note somewhere to have me stay on the first floor, just… walking around late at night when you’re a woman is dangerous and I don’t want you going through that.



I said I was sorry, and I…wasn’t with anyone. I just took a walk, okay? It’s not like I did anything stupid. No drugs, or boys, or booze. 

Take it from someone that knows, stupid things are what you learn from, but you’ve got to be careful with your own safety too. This may be a safe neighborhood, but those are the times that you let your guard down and something might happen to you, sweetheart and I don’t want that to happen.



I wasn’t doing anything wrong, so…not really. 

Okay, see, I deal with people talking around things most days, but this… I need to know where you are. Not because I think you might be doing something bad, but because I’m your guardian, Taryn. If something happened to you and I didn’t know where you were? And whoever you were with didn’t know how to get ahold of me? We would be up a creak without a paddle, and I like to avoid these situations as much as possible.



I was, uh…well, it doesn’t really matter. Sorry. I’ll just…leave a note next time. 

It doesn’t… matter?



…I’m here. Sorry for being late. I didn’t realize what time it was. 

It’s eleven, Taryn. I’m not your mom, but you need to at least leave a note before you go disappearing on me.

Well, I’m fairly certain that I’ve lost the teen that’s supposed to be in my house… fantastic.