Multiple? I can’t believe this is happening again. The perfect ending to the shittiest weekend too! *shakes head, squeezing his eyes shut for a moment* I want to help, but they’re not letting anyone who isn’t of use in. I hate just sitting here waiting for news.

I… -bites her lip for a few seconds- Get the sleep that you can, while you can, Theo, you’re going to need it. Least of all because of the bombing, but definitely because of your upcoming case. I wouldn’t be surprised if they either pushed everything up for those pending ones or just held off for the time being. It’s going to be… a rough couple weeks.


Jesus Christ, Cam. Who is doing this? Definitely the same person as last time, but how are they managing to get bombs into federal buildings without being noticed? Shouldn’t we have better security than that?   

I don’t know. I wish I had some answers, but I don’t know. They’re closed off on this investigation. There’s nothing going in and out aside from pulling agents in that might have expertise that they need. I just… I don’t know. I’m more concerned with the fact that this time, apparently it was multiple bombs…


*sighs heavily* God, I was so worried, Cam. I thought I’d lost you for a while there. Do you know how many casualties there are yet?   

I… -sighs and shakes her head- Seven that I know of, with quite a few headed to the respective hospitals and even more just… -shakes her head- We have a lot of people unaccounted for this time, and from what I’m seeing? Significantly more damage than last year. Whoever did this knew what they were doing.


Cameron! God, you scared the shit out of me! Are you okay? Were you inside when it happened? What the hell is going on?  

I’m hurt, but fine. Just a concussion and some cuts and bruises that had to be cleaned. I’m helping with check-in since I can’t get back to the house at this point, at least for another hour or so. I was teaching a class on negotiation skills when the bomb went off, and it was just chaos from there. I don’t even know where everyone is right now.

Finally cleared by medical, and I don’t know where my phone ended up, but I am ridiculously exhausted by all means… My entire body hurts though. Apparently my superior officer has been yelling at the guards though… nice to know that I’m wanted.

Voicemail Message left Monday, September 1st: "Cameron, you're scaring the shit out of me. Please answer, or text me back! Baby, please. You can't do this to me. You have to be okay, okay? CALL ME PLEASE!"


Taryn was glad to hear what Cameron said. Being around strangers so much in her life, strange men in particular made her wary. Not having stability for the majority of her stay in the foster care system, this little piece of assurance helped. It brought a small, almost relieved smile to her face. “Oh. That’s good.” She nodded, her hands tangling together for a second in front of her before she peered around at the apartment. She was getting a little more comfortable, but she had a tendency to play with her hands when trying to relax into a situation. She noticed she was beginning to feel off. Her hands were a little shaky, and anxious. She had to go test her blood sugar.

'It's your house here too now' was something she'd somewhat heard before, but it sounded different this time. Still, the teenager didn't want to hear it and take it completely to heart. For now, she had to distance herself a little. It wasn't easy, given the fact that her nature wasn't hard or cold. In fact, she was pretty soft for being a ward of the state for so many years. Perhaps it worked in her favor that she wasn't a half bad actor, and could pull off the devil-may-care teenage attitude when needed.

Right now, though, it was unnecessary. Being rude or ungrateful toward Cameron would be stupid. “…okay.” She said about the food, shifting her weight from one foot to the other while leaning to look down the hallway. “Yeah. I’ll be right back.” With that, she brought her backpack into the bathroom. Closing the door behind her, Taryn caught her reflection in the mirror. Pausing, she turned on the water, wet her hands, and rinsed off her face with the cool liquid. Breathe. Time to test.

Getting her testing supplies out of her bag, the teenager washed her hands after laying everything out on the counter. Pricking her finger and applying the blood to the blood sugar test strips was no big deal at this point, and Taryn did it very calmly. Getting a reading, she saw that her blood sugar was a little low. Time for tablets, then. Rummaging through her bag, Taryn started to panic. Where were they?! “Shit.” She swore under her breath, now sitting on the bathroom floor. 

The kitchen was the one room where she hadn’t got much of anything unpacked. Part of it was just simply due to the lack of time and the other part? Well, Cameron wasn’t known for her cooking skills in the least, and was more than aware of the fact that she tended to live off of take out or the items that were easy to make. Spaghetti was a staple in her house and was certainly one of the reasons why she rarely ever admitted her love for Italian food.

Taryn, though, seemed skeptical about everything that was put in front of her since the bank heist, and it wasn’t as though Cameron would be able to blame her in the least. The people that she had thought she’d be able to trust in the middle of… apparently anything, had turned on her in a split second and ended up pointing a gun at her. It was clear that although the girl wanted to be incredibly tough, that realistically? She wasn’t anywhere near as hard as the girl probably wished that she was and it was clear that she had been hurt previously by people that she should have been able to trust. 

Flipping through the pile of menus Cam had pulled from the drawer, she glanced up in the direction that Taryn was, her brow furrowed at how long she was taking. Letting out a soft sigh, she pushed the menus away from her and pushed herself away from the counter before walking down the hall. “Taryn? You okay?”


Cam, I’m sorry. I really wish that there was a way for me to tell the Bureau no. To tell them that I can’t go back there. *exhales slowly as he runs a hand over his face* If there was a way, I’d tell them no in a heartbeat because I know that doing this means leaving you behind. I don’t know what we are yet, but I know what I want us to be and I know going back there ruins the chances of that happening

For now. It ruins the chances of that happening for now. -squeezes her eyes closed for a second and lets out a heavy sigh- I can’t make promises, because I don’t know what’s going to happen, but it gives you a reason to come back.


No! God, I did not expect you to take this lightly. Do you think I am taking this lightly? I have to go back to California and hope that a lunatic biker gang lets me rejoin them without making me go through another round of initiation! The things I’ve seen guys do for the club…I don’t want to have to do those things but I’ll have to because of my damn job. *sighs, hanging his head* I am in no way taking this lightly, believe me.

I don’t think that you’re taking it lightly, which is part of it… you’re not just considering this, it’s something that you’ll be done if they ask you to, and I just… -takes a deep breath and knots her fingers in her hair before shaking her head- I can’t be the supportive whatever while you have to go and step into something that you end up with you being in serious danger with next to no protection for it. I don’t have it in me. 


*sighs heavily before running a hand over his head again* Cam, I’m sorry. I’m not trying to upset you.

Theo, what exactly did you think that I would be with this? I mean… realistically? I know what undercover ops involve, even just from the prep or the debrief, and I also know that there is generally no timeline or even any sort of return date in the least. Did you think that is something I’d just be okay with and roll with the punches on?

What makes you think you're qualified to take care of a troubled teenager?

Because I’m not about to judge her for anything that’s happened. I have no right to after what I’ve done. -runs a hand through her hair- I’m not qualified, but I have a place for her in my home and I care, it’s a good enough start for now, it’s more than some people have for certain.

She’s around the same age my daughter would have been.


Well when would be an appropriate time, Cam? Why is now not a good time?  

Because I don’t want to start crying right now and I have a teenager in the next room! I can’t have this conversation right now!


I know. God, I know that, Cam!  

I… god damn it! I can’t have this conversation right now.